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Wrist pain

Wrist pain

Wrist pain is one of the relatively common problems caused by soft tissue stretching, bone damage, which can lead to problems such as ganglion, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Symptoms of wrist pain

  • Pain
  • Inflamation
  • Hypersensitivity and warmness around area
  • Crepitation aroun wrist

Common causes of chronic wrist pain include :

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

One of the most common and common causes of wrist pain is carpal tunnel syndrome. The sumptoms are pain, burning pain, numbness in the palms, wrists, thumbs and fingers, which can weaken the muscles and difficulty to grasp. This problem occurs when the median nerve in wrist is pressurized due to swelling. Median nerve is responsible for transmitting sensory and motor signals  from different parts of the hand. The following can be caused by wrist pain, inflammation, and swelling:

Repetitive movements with the wrist, such as typing on a computer keyboard, using a computer mouse, playing with a rocket, sewing, painting, writing, or using vibration tools,pregnancy, menopause, or weight gain ,diabetes, premenstrual syndrome, hypothyroidism, or rheumatic diseases.


Any trauma to the wrist if left untreated and healed over time can cause chronic pain. These include both bone and joint surfaces and soft tissue injuries.

Wrist Osteoarthritis

Causes of Osteoarthritis

  • Osteoarthritis is caused by increasing age and excessive use of joints.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis usually affects the wrist of both hands.
  • Psoriatic arthritis is associated with psoriasis.

Ganglion cyst

Swollen ganglion cysts usually occur behind the wrist or on the wrist. These cysts are actually benign capsules full of fluid and do not spread to the body. These cysts may grow but do not spread to other parts of the body.

Other causes of wrist pain:

Gout : This problem occurs when the body’s system produces too much uric acid, which is a waste material. Excessive production of uric acid causes special crystals to form in the joints rather than being excreted by the body, causing problems for the body.

Gout-like disease : These conditions occur when calcium accumulates in the joints causing pain, redness, and swelling. Most of the time the wrists and knees have this problem.


Physical examination by a physician is very important.Medical diagnostic tests are needed to diagnose rheumatic problems.

Imaging : Imaging tests provide the physician with complete information about the anatomic structure.including:

X-ray : To check for infection or bone problems,degenerative changes. etc.

Computed tomography : CT scans can be used for closer examination.

MRI : Used to examine soft tissues, including ligaments, tendons, and …

Nerve and muscle function test : It is used to determine the proper transmission of nerve messages and the physiological function of nerves and muscles.


Medication : Taking various medications, including non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, can reduce pain and inflammation.

Corticosteroid Injections : Your doctor may use a carpal tunnel injection with a corticosteroid drug such as cortisone to reduce pain. In fact, corticosteroids can reduce inflammation and swelling in the wrist by lowering pressure on the median nerve.

Wrist Splints : Using wrist splints while sleeping can help reduce night time symptoms of burning pain and numbness in the wrist. In fact, night splints are a good choice when pregnant women develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

Stretching exercises : Stretching and strengthening exercises can be especially useful for people whose symptoms have diminished. These exercises should be carefully trained.

Non-invasive treatments

 Wrist Physiotherapy : In physiotherapy, a combination of passive techniques and exercises is used to strengthen muscular structure and corrective movements. Passive therapeutic modalities such as ice / heat, ultrasound and electrical stimulation reduce pain and spasms. The patient with the help of exercises specific to the technique increases flexibility and range of motion and increases the strength of his muscles. Patients should not worry about switching to this treatment, even patients with pain and movement problems benefit from isometric exercises.

Massage and manual treatment and manipulation : The basis of these techniques performed by hand also strengthens the muscular structure and surrounding tissues.

High Power Laser : The use of high-power pulse laser will increase cellular energy and repair damaged tissues and prevent pathological progression.

Interventional treatments

Interventional procedures are performed by a pain specialist under the guidance of X-ray (fluoroscopy) or ultrasound in the operating room.

Injections, blocks, radiofrequency

Interventional treatments and prolotherapy with pro-inflammatory compounds (platelet rich, orthokine, ozone therapy, etc.) are performed in damaged sites and cause tissue repair and also modulate nerve function on carpal tunnel syndrome(by using radiofrequency pulse).

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Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi

Specialty Pain Fellowship

Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi

Specialty Pain Fellowship

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