Upper limb pain treatment

March, 2020 Upper limb pain

The upper limbs include the shoulders to the fingers. The shoulder is actually the assembly of a number of joints, tendons and muscles that create a wide range of motion for the hand to perform many complex movements by hand, but at the same time high and complex movements make this area susceptible to joint and tissue damage.

The prevalence of shoulder pain is less than spine problems, and many shoulder problems occur only when moving. Elbow pain may be caused by disruption of the elbow structure and surrounding areas (such as tendon, joint, ligament, etc.) or referral to other areas (such as cervical discs) and may be untreated if chronic pain is not treated. In this area.

The wrist is a complex articulation that allows for complex hand movements. Wrist pain is a very common pain that arises for various reasons. The wrist plays an important role in the basic movements from writing to twisting, etc. The pain and involvement of the joints and tissues in the upper extremity can interfere with daily living and can negatively affect the quality of life.

Interventional pain services in the area of ​​upper extremity problems include:

Shoulder Pain :

  • Pain from arthritis and shoulder tendons
  • Shoulder joint pain


Elbow Pain :

  • Pain caused by elbow joint injury
  • Pain caused by elbow tendons injury (tennis elbow and golfers elbow)
  • Chronic pain after surgical hand injuries
  • Pains after upper limb amputation


Wrist and hand pain :

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome CTS and CRPS
  • Excessive sweating of the palm (hyperthyroidism)
  • Pain from vascular problems and decreased blood supply to the hands
  • Post-amputation pain (phantom pain)
  • Pain from diabetes in the hands (aching and swollen fingers)

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