Low back pain

The lumbar region is made up of 5 vertebrae, 80% of people experience back pain throughout their lives. Back pain is one of the most common causes of patient complains and one of the most common causes of job failure. The severity of low back pain ranges from vague to lethal pain similar to electrical shock that can cause a person to become disabled. The age range of low back pain varies from young to old and has the same sex distribution.

The prevalence of low back pain increases with age and with age. Inactivity, weight gain, and sitting positions are the causes of today’s increased back pain. Many low back pain is caused by mechanical causes of the back that are self-limiting and not problematic. Back pain under 12 weeks is called acute and more than chronic.

Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi Specialized Pain Fellowship Many articles on the diagnosis and treatment of low back pain have been posted on site that can help prevention and treatment  of back pain by reading these articles.

One of the things Dr. Kazemi has always emphasized is the use of up-to-date therapies and equipment, as you have noted in Dr. Kazemi’s articles on non-invasive and interventional treatments.

Types of back pain :