You only have one spine,try to keep it healthy

Chronic pain is treatable,take it seriously

Introduction and services

Introducing interventional pain management fellowship

Pain clinic and chronic pain management services

درمان اینترونشنال (جراحی بسته) دیسک با اندوسکوپی و لیزر

Laser discectomy and endoscopic discectomy

بازسازی و سلول درمانی مفاصل آرتروز

Regenerative medicine

Consultation with Dr. Kazemi

Chronic neck, back and knee pain can limit movement, decrease quality of life and eventually disability, Dr. Kazemi has tried to give you complete information on these issues.
If you have questions , it’s best to ask Dr. Kazemi this question for free.

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Pain more than three months duration is chronic, apart from the primary source of pain, such as a systemic disease….,Pain can lead to devastating effects on the heart, blood, lung, digestive& immune system, depression, and severe dysfunction. ” Treat it seriously.
In pain clinics, there are three major services 1 / Chronic pain treatment with modern techniques 2 / Spine minimally invasive surgery 3 / Joint and soft tissue regenerative medicine ,so many patients can benefit minimally invasive procedure without any open surgery.
Interventional pain procedures advantages: Significant reduction of pain / Less Complication compared to open surgery(Bleeding, Infection, …) / No surgical Incision / No general anesthesia / More effective compared to medications (Reduction of painkillers and side effects)
Increasing daily activity and improving quality of life.

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