Neck pain treatment

March, 2020 Neck Pains

The neck is a set of seven vertebrae whose shapes differ from those of other vertebrae, enclosed by numerous muscles and supporting ligaments, and the mechanical role of the neck is to connect the head to trunk. Due to rotational movements of the neck throughout life, the neck-forming structures are prone to injury and chronic pain. The major structures that can be damaged include discs, muscles, and ligaments. At this center these problems are diagnosed, treated and controlled.

We have already explained in detail in the article Neck Pain and the Causes of Neck Pain and how to diagnose and treat it. You can read the full explanation by following this article.

Interventional pain services at this center include :

  • Cervical discopathy
  • Cervical vertebrae degeneration
  • Muscular neck pain
  • Cancer neck pain

If you have any of the above and your quality of life has deteriorated, go back to your natural life by visiting Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi, a subspecialist in Interventional pain management.

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