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As you have read in various sections of Dr. Kazemi’s website, there is complete information about diseases and pains in different areas of the body, Dr. Kazemi’s articles in  website have tried to provide complete and comprehensive information on the types of pain, diagnosis, explain their symptoms and treatment.

If you have questions about Dr. Kazemi’s specialty ,if you have read the site articles, and you have answer from website you can ask a question from DR. kazemi,but you shoud consider that:

The counseling section is for understanding your problem and only provides a general overview of your illness, ie whether the patient’s problem at our Center as an Interventional Pain Center is treatable and controlled.

We treat the patient, not the paraclinic! Paraclinic (X-ray, MRI,laboratory tests, etc.) is only part of the diagnostic process,but the most important part is physical examination.

Speaking of guarantees in the treatment process is unethical so there is no such thing as definitive or guaranteed treatment in the science of medicine, but we do our best to control and treat your chronic problem in the best way.

To ask your question on this page and in the comment section, ask your question. Dr. Kazemi answer your question as soon as possible.

Consultation with Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi
Consultation with Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi

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  1. Huda

    Iam 50 y with painful Rt knee , MRI show injury to femoral cartilage , i do orthoscopic surgery in Beirut without benefit
    I ask about ozone therapy ( benefit , cost )
    Your adress ? Time of job?

    1. دکتر محمدرضا کاظمی

      Ozone and PRP is useful for tissue repair .
      whatsapp +989120335132