Cancer pain treatment

July, 2018 CANCER PAIN

Pain is one of the most common symptoms and complications of cancer that is exacerbated by depression and anxiety due to illness and…. Pain control for cancer patients is one of the most important issues for physicians, patients and their families, but cancer progression is not necessarily associated with pain and its control is achievable by pain control methods.Pain control regulates sleep rhythm, which improves the quality of life of the patient. The Cancer Pain article has already explained in detail the types and causes of cancer pain and how to diagnose and treat it. You can read the full explanation by following this article.

Interventional pain services in the field of cancer pain at this center include:

  • Pain in metastatic cancers such as lung, breast, stomach, intestine, pancreas and liver by permanent inhibition of the nervous system (nervous system neurolysis)
  • Control and treatment of pain in cancer patients with permanent intrathecal pumps
  • Control of upper abdominal and pelvic pain with ceiliac&superior hypogastric&splanchnic neurolysis.
  • Conventional radiofrequency of nerves involved in malignant lesions

If you have any of the above problem and your quality of life has deteriorated, go back to your natural life by visiting Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi,Interventional pain physician. 


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