Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi Specialty Pain Fellowship

Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi

Specialty Pain Fellowship

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Biography of Dr. Mohammadreza kazemi

Dr. Mohammadreza kazemi

Date of birth: 1971

Entrance to Iran University of Medical Sciences ,Medical school in 1990

Graduate as specialist in anesthesiology ,Shiraz University of Medical ,Medical school  2009

Postgraduate and subspecialist in Interventional pain practice , Iran University of Medical Sciences, Medical school in 2015

Member of the International Association for the Study of Pain IASP

Member of the International Neuromodulation Society INS

Member of Iranian society of regional anesthesia and pai medicine ISRAPM

Member of SPMC Spine, Endoscopy & Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery 

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Pain is a blessing from God so that you know you have a disease and you should think about treatment.

Regenerative medicine

The discussion of cell therapy started from the time of organ transplantation, and after that researchers were trying to use this method in other medical fields as well. Therefore, this field is new and is being completed day by day. There are different types of cell therapy, including stem cells, PRP, prolotherapy, etc. The basis of all of them is tissue repair by growth stimulants. Read more information in the cell therapy link.

Non-invasive treatments

Non-invasive treatments, as their name suggests, are a set of methods that can reduce or treat patients' problems without any intervention in the body to improve the quality of activity and daily life. These treatments include passive and active treatments. Passive treatments include high-power lasers, magnets, electrical stimulation, manual therapy (manipulation), myofascial release, ultrasound, and prescribing ice therapy or heat therapy. Exercise therapy exercises, exercising with special equipment or water therapy are included in active treatments. More information about non-invasive treatments

Less invasive treatments

Interventional, less invasive or international procedures all have the same meaning and its characteristic is that it is done without surgical incision, bleeding and anesthesia, and it has been used in the world for almost 30 years to treat chronic pain. In Iran, the treatment and training of this method has been started since 2005, and many patients who were previously sent abroad are being treated inside the country. The field of diagnosis, control and treatment of chronic pains has been found. Learn more about less invasive treatments

Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi

Specialty Pain Fellowship

Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi

Specialty Pain Fellowship

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