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Ozone therapy

Ozone therapy

The ozone molecule is composed of three oxygen atoms . Ozone treatment is a relatively new method. One of the therapeutic options is Regenerative Ozone Therapy in the sense that by injecting ozone with concentrations between 20 and 25 micrograms into the tissue, it increases blood flow,makes tissue growth, and in turn produces more ATP cellular energy. It stops the process of tissue destruction and in turn stimulates tissue to build and repair.

Another advantage of ozone is that it does not increase blood glucose (unlike cortisone), which is especially important in diabetic patients. This technique is useful in the treatment of musculoskeletal, diabetes and other diseases. Ozone use is a relatively new therapeutic method in which ozone is produced by a special oxygen ozone analyzer with the desired concentration (usually between 20 and 50 micrograms per ml).

Ozone therapy means the use of ozone gas in the field of treatment as a tool, meaning that its use and its beneficial results depend on the level of knowledge and expertise of the individual being treated and in various ways in the treatment of osteoarthritis, muscle and intervertebral disc, the treatment of diabetic and infectious wounds, etc.

Ozone Therapeutic Applications

  1. Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee and other joints: Injection of ozone into the joint in addition to the palliative and pain relievers will inhibit the progression of the disease by inhibiting the joint’s corrosive enzymes. Ozone has both a analgesic and regenerative role. Ozone, with its anti-inflammatory properties, improves joint pain and also improves oxygen supply and blood flow, prevents further joint damage and helps regenerate and repair articular cartilage.
  2. Reduce inflammation and healing and improve the types of tendonitis, bursitis and soft tissue damage around the joints.
  3. Relieve muscle spasms and improve musculoskeletal function.
  4. Use for diabetic wounds.
  5. Reduce the size of protruding discs.

Ozone therapy in knee osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis is one of the most important causes of knee pain in middle aged people. The nature of knee arthritis is a destructive joint disease. It is first associated with the gradual disappearance of articular cartilage (the cartilage that covers the surface of the bones)  and then inflammatory process. Osteoarthritis has four stages , so it is necessary to treat arthritis up to stage three before the advanced stage 4 (which changes the articular shape completely).

Ozone has two major functions in the joints :

Initially, by potent anti-inflammatory effect, it reduces inflammation and inflammatory factors of the joint.

The second effect is related to increased oxygen supply to the joint, which accelerates the process of articular cartilage repair.


Ozone and spinal canal stenosis

In spinal canal stenosis, limitations and inability to walk,sensory symptoms (such as numbness,paresthesia,burning pain…)occur in patients. Injection of ozone gas around the nerves that exit the spinal cord at certain intervals will relieve the symptoms by removing the inflammation. This treatment is recommended for early stages of the disease or for people who are not candidates for surgery for any reason.

Ozone and sports injuries :

It is common in athletes with tendon, muscular and articular injuries and muscle spasms.

Ozone and disk protrusion treatment :

Protrusion of lumbar or cervical intervertebral discs by ozone injection into the disc nucleus causes chemical reactions that prevent the expansion of the disc. This method is described in detail in other articles.

Ozone Therapy :

Ozone used in medicine is produced by special ozone-generating devices, which extract oxygen from the oxygen source and convert it to ozone at a certain concentration. The ozone produced by the device is drawn by a syringe and injected into the area.

Ozone Therapy Benefits :

Ozone has very beneficial  properties  as discussed above and fortunately has no side effects and is not painful due to the use of topical anesthetics. Due to the structural effects of ozone, treatment is permanent and not temporary. Ozone therapy is a routine and successful procedure in Europe that is increasing in use.

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Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi

Specialty Pain Fellowship

Dr. Mohammad Reza Kazemi

Specialty Pain Fellowship

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