Spinal Cord Stimulation

March, 2020 Minimally invasive treatments

Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) means using electrical energy adjacent to the spinal cord to control pain. In this method, the pulsed energy is transmitted along the neural cord or adjacent to the nerve roots in the epidural space.This technique blocks the transmission of pain and pain signals to the brain and relieves pain.

The components of the spinal cord stimulator include two parts:

A metal part is attached to the epidural space of the spinal cord and connected through the subcutaneous to the second part, which is a small battery.

Advantage of  using Spinal Cord Stimulation :

The advantage for spinal cord injury is that it is a subcutaneous, non-destructive procedure that does not cause any mechanical or chemical interference with nerve function.

This procedure is reversible; if the patient’s symptoms are not relieved, the stimulant can be removed without any side effects.

Also, the benefits of this method from the patients point of view are that the pain is significantly reduced and as a result, the amount of medication (painkillers, opiates, etc.) used is reduced and improves one’s performance and quality of life.

Because of the cost and the cost of this method, it is advisable to use this technique in patients who cannot be treated with other non-invasive methods. With the proper patient selection and complete accuracy of the techniques, most clinical outcomes will be positive. Similar technology can be used for peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS).


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