March, 2020 Minimally invasive treatments

In recent years, significant advances have been made in laser disc therapy with epiduroscopy as an alternative open surgical treatment. This method is used to drive the central disk out. The epidural space is accessed through the sacrum bone and then a flexible endoscope enters the space. With the endoscope, the problem of protrusion is clearly seen and identified, as well as an extra space to maneuver and remove the protruding disc.

Laser Epidoroscopic Technique :

This is done under local anesthesia. A 5 mm incision is made in the area of ​​the sacrum hole and enters the caudal space with a special catheter and then the endoscope enters the space. Endoscopic observation of the epidural space and its tip is directed to the lower part of the protruding disc.

Then the contrast material is injected and the correct position confirme with a radiological imaging. It is then directly exposed by the Ho: YAG laser firing of the protruding portion, which is the source of pressure on the spinal cord and nerves. The extracted part is then pulled out with a special forceps. At the end, the contrast material is again injected and the free flow of fluid indicates a narrowing of the stenosis. This technique has very positive and successful results.


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