Intrathecal pump

March, 2020 Minimally invasive treatments

The intrathecal pump is a device designed to deliver the drug continuously and accurately into the spinal or epidural space. Medications such as morphine (antinociceptive) with bacclofen or ziconitide (antispasmodic) are transmitted to the central nervous system. The advantage is that the side effects of high oral doses for the patient (nausea, vomiting, gastrointestinal problems, kidney, etc.) decrease and the efficacy of the drug is increased and the amount of prescribed medication is completely clear and the patient does not need repeated injections.

Indication of intrathecal pumps :

  • Patients with spastic condition and spinal cord injury
  • Intractable pain(Cancer ….)
  • Intolerance to side effects of oral medications


What is intrathecal pupm?

The pump consists of a metal part(reservoir) that is in charge of the drug and a catheter that transports the drug from the pump to the spinal cord.

There are two types of pumps: one with a constant speed drug delivery pump and the other with a programmable pump that can change the speed and dose of the prescription drug. Initially, the test pump is operated for success and, if positive, the permanent pump is subcutaneously implanted during minimally invasive surgery. The pumps have a reservoir of medicine, although they are filled once in a while. Filling rate is based on the amount of drug used (concentration and rate of discharge) 

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