March, 2020 Minimally invasive treatments

With the Cryo Method, the specialist freezes the pain! The positive effects of ice have long been known. Cryotherapy is a very effective treatment in the field of refractory pain. In this method, the nerve is detected by radiology and ultrasound techniques, then the cryo probe is inserted adjacent to the nerve through a needle. During the cryo, a 3-5 mm ice ball forms in the nerve. This process takes 2 minutes to reach -60 C. Freezing of the nerve causes the nerve axon to fail.

Uses of Cryotherapy:

  • The problem of vertebral facet joints
  • Postoperative lumbar pain
  • Discogenic pain
  • Coccyx  Pain
  • Post-thoracotomy pain (chest open surgery)
  • Neuralgia and intercostal nerve damage
  • Painful neuromas

This technique works great for long-lasting analgesia, which along with other measures (physiotherapy, etc.) can restore one’s performance to normal.


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