Caudal Neuroplasty

March, 2020 Minimally invasive treatments

One of the problems with spinal surgery is postoperative adhesions, which causes pressure and stimulation of the nerve fibers involved and causes disc-like radiculopathy.

One of the best ways to solve this problem is to perform RACZ Caudal Neuroplasty.
In this technique, the adhesions are opened both chemically and mechanically and the pressure is removed from the nerve. If the adhesion is high, the catheter is continued for three days at the site of injection. The catheter, like a thin, flexible spring, moves around the adhesion regions to mechanically open the adhesions after which the drug is injected, a combination of anti-inflammatory drugs, epidural inflammatory diluents, and solubilizers. At the end of treatment, the needle and catheter are removed.

In some cases, the catheter may need to remain in place to allow further injections over the next few days. Repeated treatment may also be needed a few months later to reduce adherent connective tissue. However, other techniques and tools, such as VERID catheters or epiduroscopy, may also be used to resolve adhesion problems.

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